Pastor’s Corner


How do you react in a time of crisis?

Betcha a Diet Coke you could just remember how you handled the last couple of weeks to get your answer. We were all hoping 2021 would be vastly different than 2020…and as things stand, it seems to be running neck and neck in the same direction.

Some folks panic. Others seem to flip a switch and go into Drill-Sergeant mode, giving orders and taking charge. Still others calmly implement plans that they have prepared weeks, months or even years in advance.

Some just survive. That is called ‘True Texas Grit’.

As a Christ Follower, this past week…this past month…even this past year will provide millions of memories, but doesn’t change the trajectory of your life, the world, or even the weather. All of those issues have already been decided on by a loving God who rescued us at the Cross.

Your rescue didn’t happen last week when the power came back on, and then flickered off during a 'rolling blackout’. It didn’t arrive with drinkable water. All those things are wonderful conveniences, but our rescue comes from God alone…and He has promised to never leave you.

That is a powerful and wonderful realization when darkness gathers, and cold sweeps in…His Light, and the promise of His Presence makes all things bearable. Read 2 Corinthians 4:16…it gives you and me hope that God is at work when the “other stuff” is breaking down.

See you Sunday,