Pastor’s Corner


Do you count the days of your life by events on the calendar? Somehow I think this year might be best counted as a “redo”.

The good news, or rather Good News is that Jesus loves you and is still at work in your life. He is still God over His Church, and God over First Baptist Church. He is moving onward, and so are we.

School has started, the Rattlers have already trounced another team, our Heavenly Blessings Day School and Daycare is up and running, and we are looking forward to meeting together at our church campus for Fusion Youth Ministry Bible Study on September 23 and Bible Study on September 27. I’m looking forward to seeing each of you face to face (okay, with a mask on and 6 feet away) soon.

God is faithful…Let’s let Him find us that way too, as we count the good days ahead.