Pastor’s Corner


We praise Thee, O God!

For the Son of Thy love

For Jesus Who died

And is now gone above


Hallelujah! Thine the glory

Hallelujah! Amen

Hallelujah! Thine the glory

Revive us again

For folks that have been around church for a while, this is a somewhat familiar song from yesteryear in the Baptist Hymnal. As with most older hymns, there is a backstory to Revive Us Again that is worth the look.

William Mackay was a brilliant and precocious Scottish child. His Godly mother prayed for her son and his salvation throughout his childhood, although he never took God or his faith seriously.

He grew to become a prominent and noted Physician in his community, well able to deal with the many and various maladies of his working class patients. One day a laborer came into the hospital and at once William knew that his injuries were too severe to recover. The man knew it as well.  Dr. Mackay asked the man if there was anything he could do to help him in his last few hours of life.  The man asked for his landlady, as he owed her a small debt.  He wanted her to be there to comfort him as he neared the end and to bring him “The Book”.  As the man lay dying, a strange peace and smile came over his face as he passed.  The landlady came with “The Book” and the last bit of business was done in front of William.  Dr. Mackay asked about the book, which, he found out was the man’s Bible that he read whenever he could.  When he wasn’t reading it, he kept it under the mattress of his bed.  When William picked up the Bible to open it, a shock came over his face as he realized that it was his Bible that he had as a little boy.  His name was written on the inside by the loving hand of a praying mother.  William had sold it to get money many years ago to provide for some “bauble of life” that he could no longer recall.

Shortly afterwards, Mackay was so moved and burdened by the man’s dying faith and the seemingly mystical return of his mother’s childhood gift of the Bible that he turned to faith in Christ. The words of this hymn echo that journey back to God, and Mackay penned them in gratitude.

God is always at work in your life…Prayer works, even if the answer is not in your lifetime….and he desires to Revive Us Again…and Again.