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The Navasota Pickleball Association got its roots from a group of about 15 folks that showed up for a "Pickleball Clinic" on a Sunday afternoon on August 7th, 2022, hosted at First Baptist Church in Navasota, Texas.  Two USA Pickleball Ambassadors (Vicki & Lisa) came and taught us the basic strokes including:

They taught us the rules and even tried to teach us how to keep score!  

0-0-2???   "What?"

From there, we wanted to play more and give it a try... 

So, it was organized into a group that started playing every Sunday afternoon during the Fall of 2022, taping down 3 indoor courts in the gym at FBC Navasota.  Then, starting in the Spring of 2023, we started playing 2 nights a week on Thursdays and Sundays.  

And the rest... as they say... is History!