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Trisha Scanlin received Sep 21, 2020

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I am asking for prayer for Frank Scanlin and his family as his mother just passed away Sunday morning, Thank you so much

Jessica received Sep 9, 2020

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Please pray that I get healed from this debilitating tinnitus.

Carol Springer received Jul 19, 2020

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Please pray for full recover from a slight stroke I had last week. I am under doctor care but very hard to make sure I hit the right keys🤨 but dr said To practice to recover . Thank you and God Bless Sue springer

Anonymous received Jun 24, 2020

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I’m asking for prayers for my husband Gilbert. He is currently dealing with a very complicated boss. Has been at his job for over 15 years with no issues, until now. I ask for guidance, clarity and inner peace as to what our family’s next step will be since he’s being pushed out of his job. We have two little ladies that need a daddy that is mentally and emotionally healthy.