Series: Heroes of Our Faith

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Heroes of Our Faith

Joseph..from the Father’s Favorite Dreamer to the Forgiver of Family Members…

March 28, 2019

The people closest to you …. …can hurt you the most… -Those that know you best…and know where you hurt the most… -“Winning” the argument gains you no prize -Jealousy and revenge are poor substitutes for family How do you overcome betrayal by family or a friend? -Joseph continued to live in the present without… Read More »

Isaac…More Than Just a Laughing Matter

February 26, 2019

Do you trust God?           Do you believe He will lead you to do His work?                    Do you believe he is Good?   This is a story of trust…           God trusting Abraham…                    and Abraham learning to trust God with his greatest                                      gift…his son, Isaac.                                       And God trusting you enough… Read More »

Noah…Faithful to God…Faithful Builder

February 19, 2019

We have looked at Adam…a man that God created…that started it all…           -through him all were created                    -and all cursed by sin   Abraham was a man that battled the “too old” to matter syndrome…           -And God showed him that he was just the right age to                                  become a daddy…twice.  … Read More »

Moses Makes His Move….Towards God’s Plan

February 12, 2019

How many of you believe God is in charge of all things? If you do, you believe in God’s Sovereignty. How many of you believe in Man’s ability to choose? If you do, you believe in Free Will. Can both happen at the same time? God is serious when He speaks to you and me. Moses and Aaron tried to improvise on God’s plan… God desires obedience before sacrifice. There is always a “cost” to deviating from God’s plan. Moses let emotion rule rather than God be Sovereign in his life. God’s plan works…with or without Moses.