Alone in the Crowd…Surrounded by God

Alone in the Crowd…Surrounded by God

June 13, 2019

Alone in the Crowd…Surrounded by God

 Cultural chemist George Barna states there are more people that claim to be lonely than at any other time in church history.

 You and I have great tools of communication like a smart phone, the Internet, social media…we’re more connected together than ever before…How could anyone be lonely?

 Loneliness is all it’s cracked up to be.

          -It is a tyrant who haunts you without regard of others.

          -It is a predator that hunts you relentlessly.

          -It cannot be ‘cured” by being around others.

 Your Father Knows Best

           -He knows your location when location services is shut off.

          -He is available when cell service is down or your battery is in the red.

          -He seeks out the “lonely places” to find solace, and find you.

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