Noah…Faithful to God…Faithful Builder

Noah…Faithful to God…Faithful Builder

February 19, 2019

We have looked at Adam…a man that God created…that started it all…

          -through him all were created

                   -and all cursed by sin


Abraham was a man that battled the “too old” to matter syndrome…

          -And God showed him that he was just the right age to                                  become a daddy…twice.


The last two weeks we looked at Moses, the leader that was like many of us this morning…eager, flawed, trusting and fearful of just what God might call us to do..


Genesis 6:8-9

2 Peter 2:5


Sometimes God gives you all of the information…and just enough time to do His work.


          -At 500 years old, Noah:

                   -has three sons

                             -is told by God to build an ark

                                      -because the earth will be flooded

                                                -to gather male and female of each                                                                            animal

                                                          -and to gather food for all of them

          -What would you have said to God?

                   -Noah said yes…and did it.


He was faithful to God for over a hundred years in working on that ship…and preaching to all that judgement was coming


          -We must be faithful today like Noah was in telling…

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