The Real Stairway to Heaven

There are three Patriarchs of God’s people mentioned in the Bible:

  1. Abraham
  2. Isaac
  3. Jacob

The family problems of Jacob’s kin were also his own…his brother Esau wanted to kill him

This is the story of running away…and finding God already there

God uses imperfect people, like Jacob (and you and me) to accomplish His Perfect Plan

  • Like Jacob, all of us have sinned and bear the curse of sin
  • Your sin in the past doesn’t disqualify you from becoming a part of God’s Plan

The more fully you trust God with all you have and all you are, the More you can see His blessings and Plan

  • Jacob had every reason to run from his past, but God wanted him to know about His future Plans
  • Your future plans center around God’s Plan, and His “Stairway to Heaven”, Jesus.

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