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Joe Lane

Here I Am: Our Test of Faith

October 8, 2018

Pastor Joe Lane. Genesis 22:1-19. One of the primary ways God speaks to us is through a test. Abraham had to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test. He had to have a willing spirit no matter what the test was. His obedience proved the quality of his faith. He had to trust the past promises to get through the present tests. He received more revelation from God because of his obedience. We are obedient in the tests by praying for a willing spirit, clinging to God’s voice alone, clinging to his revealed word, and expecting to receive more revelation from God.

Becoming the Church Jesus Died For

August 7, 2018

Scripture: Ephesians 2:8-22 Practical Ways to Become the Church Jesus Died for: Pray that God would change our hearts. Put away preferences. Practice a multiethnic life. Pain is a real thing. Ponder what heaven is like