Who Will Come to Your Funeral?

Who Will Come to Your Funeral?

May 14, 2019

Who will come to your funeral?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Others?

Have you planned out your final affairs?

Most of us have ideas…a few of us have put them down on paper…and some of you have done the work of taking care of your final arrangements.

The only other thing is…WHEN…

Most of us don’t have that one figured out…but God does!

Peter has been asked to come to visit and comfort a grieving family

  • Tabatha (Dorcas) had already been prepared for the burial
  • She was a woman that would have had friends, family, and the poor come to her funeral…she was involved in God’s work
  • Will those that loved you show what God did in your life?

The miracle isn’t just the raising of a dead saint…

  • the real miracle is that Tabitha’s life counted dead or alive
  • others were drawn to Christ by what they heard, saw, and experienced through her life
  • What will folks hear/see/experience when your life is through?

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